Again CNN Makes Blunder, Refers to Nigeria As a North African Country

Global media magnate, CNN has failed to get its geography right as it makes an epic blunder when referring to the location of Nigeria in Africa.

Nigerians have been rather amused by an error made by global media powerhouse, CNN.

While reporting about the oil-exporting prowess of Nigeria, CNN did not get their geography right and referred to Nigeria as a North African country.

Many Nigerians have asked whether we are that inconsequential in the global economy or if it is just plain poor research and journalism.

This is not the first time the global media power house will make an error about Nigeria.

Early in 2015, CNN made a blunder while reporting the Chibok girls kidnap. The reporter was heard saying“Tonight it now feels as if the world is aware and responding to the kidnapping of 276 girls in Kenya three weeks ago today.”

Also in 2010, a BBC series on Nigeria’s most populous city, Lagos, featuring the lives of slum dwellers, drew criticism for its potrayal of the city, which many felt was not accurate.

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