Bitcoins: How to Create a Blockchain Wallet Account (+PHOTOs)

Creating Your Blockchain Wallet Account in #3 Minutes

What is Blockchain Wallet?

Block chain is an online Bitcoin Wallet that allows people to transfer bitcoins as a payment to any part of the world. It is a free service which makes sending and receiveing money though Bitcoins easier without the need of Bitcoin client software. 

It is just like your local bank account where you create a savings account and store your money (paper currency). In the same way you create a free account with Block Chain wallet and store your Bitcoins (E-currency). You can convert the BitCoins to cash at any time you want or make a payment for any services you used.

Below are the steps taken to creating an account with block chain in less than 3 minutes.

STEP 1: Open website

  • Choose Wallet option from the list of navigation menu located at the top of the web page.

STEP 2: Click Create Blockchain Wallet account

Now, You need to create a New Block Chain Wallet account right, so just click on the "Create A Free Blockchain Wallet" button.

STEP 3: Complete the Registration form

The next browser loads the form, and it asks for Email and Password. Use your primary Gmail or Yahoomail ID and create a new password for this account. Use Uppercase, Lowercase alphabets, Numbers, Special characters and make 11 – 15 characters as your password.

Hurray!!! your Block Chain wallet account has just been created. Just click Get started to proceed to your dashboard.


Do not forget to verify your Email ID associated with your block chain wallet. Open your Gmail ID and click on the verification link

Now login to your New Blockchain Wallet account using your Wallet Identifier copied from your Email and enter your password.


  1. Your WALLET ADDRESS  is the one you use to RECEIVE BITCOINS. You can get it by clicking on RECEIVE. It is like your bank account.
  2. Your WALLET IDENTIFIER is the one you use to sign into your blockchain at anytime. It is like your username.
  3. Please write your password somewhere so you can trace back to in case you forget your password anytime.
  4. You MUST go back to your referral and get his/her link to proceed to Zarfund registration after crediting your wallet with 0.03BTC
You can call/whatsapp +2348136655263 for an express bitcoins delivery to your wallet within 2 minutes.


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  4. "You’re buying into belief in the value of a currency backed by nothing — no banks, no governments, no property. Cryptocurrency advocates will tell you that’s why it’s so great""

    No thats not at all what cryptocurrency advocates will say - they will say you are clueless to claim its backed by nothing. Its not fiat currency. Fiat currency is backed by nothing - cryptocurrency is backed by verified proofing systems and public ledgers that cannot be forged or altered"