Silverbird's Generators shut down during a film premier

A film premiere on Tuesday flopped because Silverbird Cinemas could not get their generators to work, after being paid in full.

"The Uyo - Akwa Ibom state outlet of the famous Senator Ben Bruce-Murray founded "Silverbird Cinemas", a subsidiary of the Silverbird Group, on the 10th day of January 2016 made a fast one on renowned movie maker; Okechukwu oku, who paid them in full to use their outlet for the premiere of his highly anticipated comedy movie: THE BOSS IS MINE.

The Uyo premiere was slated to hold on the 10th of January after a superb outing in Enugu as it was first premiered in Genesis Cinemas in Enugu which recorded a massive success.

Silverbird Cinemas, knowing fully well that such a prestigious event was slated for the 10th of January, made no efforts to put things in order before the event, because as at 4pm on that fateful day, there was a power outage at the outlet, with no single backup power supply system as it was further revealed that all their Generators...4 of them...were all out of service and needed maintenance.

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