FIFA candidate Sheikh Salman denies knowledge of fake Togo team

FIFA presidency candidate Sheikh Salman has denied the Bahrain FA under his control had prior suspicions of the scam that saw its national team play a fake Togo side in 2010.

Self-confessed and convicted match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal has been long linked with being behind the Sept. 7 fixture, and Sky News said it had obtained a letter purporting to show Perumal’s involvement.

At the time, Sheikh Salman was president of the Bahrain FA (BFA).

A document from the BFA assistant general secretary to the Togo Football Association, dated Aug. 9, 2010 reportedly states, according to Sky News: “The BFA presents you with its salutations and would like to inform you of its authorisation to Football 4 You International Ltd (Singapore), represented by Wilson Perumal, as the Match Agent mediator facility, organising the friendly match in our collaboration.”

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