KOGI charm: Read what native doctor did to two brothers (photo)

Two brothers have been reportedly killed by a native doctor in Kogi state, reports the state police command.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Kogi recently began an investigation into how two men were killed and buried by a native doctor named Dan Asabe.

Asabe who is a resident of Kungbani village in Lokoja Local Government Area of the state, killed the men and buried them in his backyard.

According to Breaking Times, the suspect confessed that Tanko Abubakar and Muhammed Kudu Abubakar, both came for spiritual guidance. He specifically notes that they came seeking protection against gunshots.

Asabe said he didn’t know how to tell the dead brothers that the charm had failed, so he poisoned them.

He said: “After I did the charm for them, there was no sign of it working and I did not know how to tell them that the charm was not good again. I got confused, so I poisoned them and they died.”

Asabe said he hastened their death by hitting them with a stick. He also confessed that he got the poison from a local clinic operator.

When contacted, Ben Irewa, the local clinic operator, who allegedly sold the poison to the suspect, denied the allegation, claiming that the drugs he gave Asabe was to cure his itching.

Irewa said: “I told Asabe to come back to me if the itching persists in three days, but he never returned.”

Police spokesman, Williams Aya, confirmed Asabe’s arrest, informed that investigations were still ongoing.

Williams also urged residents to be vigilant and aid the police by reporting suspicious activities within their localities.

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