Love, That four lettered word has being an apple of discord since the beginnings of the Universe. It has caused a lot of good and wrecked a lot of havoc on planet earth. For love God created the World and sent His Beloved. For Love, Dido committed suicide. For Love of Helen of Troy, the Trojan War lasted for ten years and silenced the bravest and strongest that ever reigned in the Aegean- Achilles, Nestor and Hector. Is there any other story of love that will surpass that of Romeo and Juliet?

Hmm. Michael Jackson says: Love is Magical, it makes him speechless. Whitney Houston sang for Love- And I will always love you. Don Williams says that some broken hearts will never mend, some memories will never end, some tears will never dry and love does not die. Stevie Wonder sang: I just called to say I love you. Tu Face believes so much in Love that he sang: I see the Sun in your eyes, I see the stars in your eyes, I see the colours of the rainbow in your eyes.

What is the motivation behind your love, what is your concept of love, is it exploitative or altruistic. The Maryters died for love, for love some have given all they have to live on, some have died for country.

Sacrificial and Selfless love is what the World needs now. To love the orphan and widow, to wipe the tears off the eyes of the suffering and sorrowful. Agape Love is that which endures, its eternal, its Endless Love.
Happy Val to all The Wayfarers by Fr Thaddeus

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