Kim Kardashian Baby Bombshell: Kanye West Is Not North’s Real Father!!! (Must Read)

Kanye West Is Not North’s Real Father

This is unbelievable... It seems Kanye’s wife may have been keeping a bombshell secret from her man: He is NOT the father of North!!!

According to Starmagazine, North has been rumored not to be Kanye West's biological child.

The rumors have been intensifying lately. Here is a lil of the gist yet.

“There’d been buzz that Kim had frozen some embryos, which she’d created with an ex-boyfriend’s sperm, so she could have a baby when she was ready.”

According to Star‘s source, though, things supposedly haven’t been as flawless as they seemed since Kim and Kanye began seeing each other in 2012. Kim was eager to have kids with Ye, as she “knew her biological clock was ticking.” But when Kanye allegedly told her he wasn’t ready just yet, she may have taken matters into her own hands using her frozen eggs!

“When Kanye refused to back down, Kim may have had one of the embryos implanted,” the source added. “She didn’t have time to wait for Kanye to change his mind.”

However, Kim has yet to comment on any of these reports, and until she does, we don’t want to believe that Ye isn’t North’s daddy. After all, he loves her more than anything — and she looks SO much like him! Most importantly, we don’t want to see the West family torn apart!

More on this soon...

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