SHOCKING!!! UAM Final Year Student Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering WRONGFULLY Expelled!!!

The student who will be referred to as “tall guy” for the sake of privacy and security purposes is a 500 level student of the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, UAM.

It all started on one faithful day in the bank when "Mr Tall Guy" went to pay his fees on resumption of his second semester, 2014/2015 session. Tall guy discovered that he could not do registration as he went to pay fees in the bank and was told that no details about him was found in the school portal. Shocking!!!

From the bank, he went to the school Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to know why his details have been wiped off but he got the shock of his life when he was told that he is not a student of the University anymore.
He had been expelled since Second Semester, 2013/2014 Session. Apparently this period, tall guy was on Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme(SIWES)...OMG!!! But the question is " how can Mr Tall Guy be on I.T and still be sitting exams???" UAM though!!!

Well, it didn't end there...
On making further inquiry, tall guy was referred to Examination Disciplinary Committee in the College of Engineering.
When he met the committee, he was told that he was caught in examination malpractice for that semester and was expelled.
It will shock you to know that during the six (6) months period of SIWES, UAM students of the college of Engineering are not allowed to register any other course apart from the 12 credit load SIWES for 400 level Second Semester.
We learnt that tall guy was doing his SIWES in Abuja when examinations for that semester were running, so I ask again, "how could he had possibly been on SIWES and at the time been writing exams???"

Inquiries showed that tall guy met his unluckiest day when his Registration Number was penned down by a dubious student from the department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (DAEE) who was caught in the examination malpractice act and was asked to fill the malpractice form...

We also learnt that the student from DAEE also filled a fake name in the form, but how the examination disciplinary committee could not notice any of these in their investigation, remains a SHOCK!!! Could it be that this people don't even know their duties as members of staff???

When tall guy appeared before the committee, the committee denied that the error was not from them, but from the School' Senate because in the letter that accompanied the committee’s report to the Senate, it was indicated that the Registration Number belongs to a final year Student of Electrical Electronics Engineering while the malpractice case is from DAEE.
Or could it be that the senate expelled tall guy on the ground of impersonation???
But how could that be possible???

At the time of filing this report tall guy has been told by the committee to write a letter exonerating himself, and the letter should address the School's Senate and be signed by the following offices:

  •  Head Of Department, EEE.
  • Dean of the faculty of Engineering 
  • Examination Disciplinary Committee
  • Academic Officer
  • Vice chancellor. 
He was made to understand that his fate is tied to the acceptance of this letter as to whether he will still remain a student of the school or not.

Please, he needs your prayers, do pray for him, while we promise to bring you updates of this story...

Source: Onah K.I

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