Nigerians Share Views On Looted Funds!!!


Augustine Anoko
Augustine Ainoko

In response to the just released lists of the looted funds by some Nigerian officials, some Nigerians have shared their grievances in various ways...

According to Augustine Ainoko, a Nigerian writer and theologian, Nigerians must unite against corruption in all its forms. He shared this in one of his current articles below...

"When all we need to develop and grow our economy to enviable heights in the world are the simple things you prefer to ignore.

And when all we require to make life meaningful for everyone in Nigeria are the little peanuts you never give compared to the sums of your loots from us, it baffles us how foolish you have reasoned we must be.

When you insist on treading on the old paths of crimes, rather than walk in new ways we wonder and ponder! 

If you are not tired, know we are tired!
If you don't regard us, know that Nigeria regards you and expects you to join the anti-corruption crusade.

Let's join the campaign against corruption by putting a stop to this social menace.
Let's work together for a better Nigeria!!!"

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