Ultimate Cycler Has NOT Crashed! Read Why...

Ultimate Cycler Has NOT Crashed! Read Why...

Have you heard of the recent news flying around? It is on the lips of every Nigerian today, especially the #haters of the platform; Ultimate Cycler (UC). If you have not heard, this is to keep you abreast.

The news stormed the internet in the early hours of today that the platform, Ultimate Cycler has crashed. Emerging from #Nairaland and some olofofo sites, where individuals say their own opinions to capture the gullibles who would never do a  research to know the developments.

My kid sis; BB called this morning before I could even wake up, and all she said was that she checked google and discovered that the platform had gone. NO! It hasn't and I don't think it would soon. I was surprised to see people shouting "Crash" everywhere when the system has only gone offline to carry out bandwidth/database expansion.

Technically speaking, over a hundred thousand persons login/join the platform on a daily basis and the system cannot take that number with it's current capacity. That's why the need for expansion comes in and everyone is shouting "crash". Is that how a crashed system displays???

The site owner has finally displayed a message of hope on the website reading...
 "Be right back.
We are currently updating the site to give you a more pleasurable experience and will be back online shortly. Our update estimation is to be complete over the next 6 - 12 hours.
Thank you,
Peter Wolfing.
See picture after the cut...

ultimate, cycler, crashed, onushaibu

I joined a scam website last week called; AIMBTC where we invested over $200 worth BTC. Just a couple of days later, I checked the site for withdrawals and all I could get for my BTC was a "white page". Could see my BTC plus profit but couldn't make withdrawals. That's a crashed/scam system to me.

If Ultimate Cycler has crashed why does the system keep displaying different error reports "error522" "error520" "error502" and so on? Work is ongoing, just take a pill chill and relax.

To clear your doubts, I'm going to show you some pictures of what is happening on Peter Wolfing's website right now. Sorry; Peter Wolfing is the owner of the platform, and he is working with his team of engineers to bring the site back up as soon as they can.

I have logged on the system this morning myself. The system worked for a while and went back to it's busy status. That's a message of hope for someone this morning. It will be up soon!!!

Here is my evidence that the site comes up at intervals and goes back to "Be Right Back".
See pictures after the cut...

Ultimat, cycler, onushaibu, peter, wolfing
Site as at 10:24; 12/2/2016 

Ultimate, cycler, onushaibu,
Homepage as at 11:44; 12/2/2016
So what do you think Now???
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