Malivelihood detained at an airport in London

Luxury Designer and Jeweller Michael Awolaja, also known as Malivelihood was briefly detained in London by officials who queried him for not declaring the jewels (worth over £100,000) with him.
According to a LIB source who was traveling from London to Lagos, Micheal was detained by security officials at Heathrow airport, who took him and his luggage to a security room. 

It turned out that he had failed to declare diamond and gold jewels with him. He allegedly had diamonds worth over £100k in his hand luggage and it appears that the initial thought by the security men, was that he was an illegal dealer. To clear their doubts, the very angry Jeweller mentioned his company name in order for the appropriate authorities to confirm anything they needed to know.

A proper confirmation was done, Micheal aka Malivelihood was later released and he eventually boarded his flight. When LIB reached out to him for his side of the story on the incident, He said:
"'Lol, Wow Yes, but it was just for a few minutes , I forgot to declare some stuff which made the security people panic. Nothing big though".

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