#AGATUMASSACRE: Former Senate President, others escape Fulani Attack in Agatu

Contrary to the insinuations from the State government and police authority that the perpetrators of the Agatu genocide had flee the communities on sighting government security agencies; the Fulani Herdsmen are very much available and occupying Agatu territories with sophisticated weapons.

In his trip to the affected communities on Friday, former President of the Senate and Senator representing Benue South Senatorial District, Dr. David Mark narrowly escaped the ambush of the Fulani Militias who open fire at his convoy in the deserted Adagbo village.

But for the swift response of the advanced party of the convoy who helped quelled the situation and Chased the marauders away, the Senator’s convoy would have recorded casualties.

“Can you hear the sound of that gun? That machine sounds like what I’m carrying. O boy, no be joke oo”, a member of the Nigeria Mobile Police in the convoy confessed.

Another police excort who served in the advanced party also admitted that the Militias were heavily armed with more sophisticated weapons than he carried and wondered why Herdsmen could be allowed to move freely with such guns.

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