SHOKING!!! Father of Nigerian lady murdered by hubby and refrigerated for months laments his loss

A Nigerian woman Anastasia Oaikhena-Lambert was in 2014 stabbed to death by her husband Patrick Lambert, a black American in their home in the US. To escape suspicion and prosecution, he packed her into a refrigerator and fled with their 11-month old baby, Achilles. Over one year after, Medinat Kanabe, who visited her parents’ home in Lagos reports.

A foreign newspaper report read: “The man accused of killing his wife and stuffing her body in a refrigerator appeared in downtown court Monday morning. Patrick Lambert had his charges read against him. He was found in Mexico after fleeing with his 11-month-old son.

“Police found the body of Anastasia Oaikhena-Lambert in a refrigerator at 10555 Fondren in South-West Houston. In an affidavit obtained by Local 2, Patrick Lambert is accused of killing Oaikhena-Lambert on September 26. Her body was not found until December 8, 2014, when maintenance personnel received reports of a foul odour coming from the apartment.

Wonders shall never end...

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