Actor, Frank Artus Reveals Why He Can Act Nude in a Movie

Ghollywood Actor, Frank Artus Reveals Why He Can Act Nude in a Movie

Ghollywood actor, Frank Artus, has revealed that his acting nude is dependent on the kind of script he is given to play. In his words he said "there should be a reason for my acting nude".

He went further to throw lights on his life on the screen and his life off screen the screen, he also revealed that he has a daughter, for those of you who never knew. He said;

“I don’t like to discuss my relationship in the public. I’m cool with that but I do have a daughter. I encourage my children to do whatever they desire, provided I’m going to guide them. I tell my children the positive and negative sides of everything. And I will guide them through it.” For those who are copying him “I will advise them not to copy what I do in movies. What I act in movies is not the real me. There is a difference between what I do on screen and my personal life. Frank is a crazy guy on screen and everybody knows that, so they should try and follow my personal lifestyle and not what I do in movies.”

On the craziest thing a fan has done to him, he said “Apart from always demanding sex from you as an entertainer, which you don’t have to give them, you have to work with the flow. It is not as if you are going to tell them that what they want is what you are going to give them, but you have to be very flexible with them in their demands, because they are fans and they are the ones who keep you in the market.”

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