ZARFUND: How to Upgrade to Next Level (+PHOTOs)

How to Upgrade and Confrim Transactions in Nine(9) Easy Steps

Hello! I am going to show you how to upgrade from one level to another and how to confirm your transactions on Zarfund.

Don't get yourself worried on this. Upgrading from level to level is as simple as creating your zarfund account itself. However, it is advised that you know when to upgrade to the next level and still have a good sum in your account. The following steps will show you how

STEP1: Log on to your Zarfund account and click on "Upgrade to next stage"

NOTE: For new members, you will be asked to link your blockchain account to your zarfund account. It's simple;  copy your WALLET ADDRESS and paste in the box that will be provided, wallet website is "". Enter your security question and answer. Proceed after!

STEP2: Copy your Upliners' Wallet address that appears in the next window

STEP3: Log on to your blockchain account 

You can re-visit your mail box and click on log in link in the blockchain message you received on registration or simply copy your wallet identifier in the login space provided.

 STEP4: Click on "SEND"


  • Copy and paste your receiver's (Upliners') wallet ADDRESS in the space provided.
  • Enter the amount of bitcoins (BTC) you want to send
  • Enter a description or leave the space vacant
  • Click on "Next"


STEP6: Click on transactions

STEP7: Look for the recent transaction "SENT" and click on the small arrow to the left of the transaction as seen in the photo below. 

STEP8: Copy the transaction hash ID

STEP9: Go back to your zarfund page and paste the hash ID under STEP2. Also enter the amount sent in BTC and click on SEND as seen in the photo below.

Clap  for yourself!!! You have just upgraded yourself by yourself to the next level. Congratulations.

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