Osaze's Female Dupe Has been Knabbed

41 year old Claire Liddle has been arrested and sentenced to jail

Osaze Odemwinge

London Colney mum; Liddle swindled Odemwingie out of £15,000 after the Nigerian striker handed over his bank details to organise his Miami honeymoon in 2012.

Mowbray was stung for £30,000 after asking Liddle to arrange a holiday to Dubai for him and his family.

She also stole at least £7,500 from, currently out on loan to Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg.

Liddle claimed to have booked them into a top hotel but when they arrived they were told it had not been paid for and were forced to put the £13,000 bill on his credit card.

Osaze's Dupe

She was originally spared jail after admitting the £82,000 scam in 2014 but went on to steal another £22,000 from the chairman of telecommunications giant Lebara and £33,000 from the boss of sales solutions firm Flixmedia.

Liddle “frittered away” the money on presents for herself including alcohol and a Rolex watch, the Old Bailey heard.

She wept as she was sentenced to 12 months for the first fraud on the footballers, and 16 months consecutive on each of the other two scams, making a total of 44 months.

If it's 9ja what will happen???

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